ZeroPrint Cities

How can cities work with zero carbon footprint? 

Using space instead of building new

The company ZeroPrint started with an idea of unused spaces as something non sustainable in contemporary cities. We believe that spaces should be used while they are on hold for conversions, while waiting to be demolished or just unsure areas in long urban planning application processes.

With a background in architecture, engineering and design we sit on all the experience needed to be able to raise our eyes and have a vision above and beyond to create something outstanding and sustainable.

Space branding for new establishments

But not only is there a green idea about making empty spaces alive. There is also a great branding possibility by using spaces in a good way. Our methods involve extensive research and sprint methods to come up with personalities of areas, how they will be used in the future, how branding could benefit already set programs and ideas about economic growth.

We believe that branding for buildings and areas is an often over looked possibility that could have a great impact on how the citizens will interact, use and appreciate these spaces.

Broad view of urban developments

We are moving away from traditional urban planning to introduce a broad mindset disciplins that could bring something interesting on board. We like to collaborate with anthropologists, social psychologists, landscape designers, artists, children, graphic designers, business developers, students etc. All to make our projects as great as we imagine.

When we are given a new area the first days are just about creating the right invitations for the work ahead of us.