ZeroPrint Cities



Space branding

We work as consultants in a broad and multi disciplinary way to come up with new solutions and ideas about how cities communicate their sustainable beliefs and future objectives.

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Urban activation

Temporary activities, quick landscape activities, pop up’s, stands or installations. The ideas of projects we can do are endless but all stand strong with a sustainable and futuristic approach.

Our work method 20-40-Rise is a great tool where we give ideas and solutions in a compact format. We are given a task, we work 20 days and present, we continue with new inputs for 40 days, we deliver.

Included in this method is:

  1. ZeroPrint site analytics notebook

  2. Site map

  3. Sponsorship programs

  4. Rise binder

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Workshops & sprints

Workshops are a great tool to start projects and we often make them to multidisciplinary sprint ideas and collaborations. No workshop can be too small or too big, only imagination sets the boundaries.

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ZeroPrint City Awards

ZeroPrint Sustainable Stamp is an international organisation with a digital tool used by cities to communicate used spaces in a sustainable and smart way.

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Project funding

An important factor to a successful ZeroPrint project is the collaborations and fundings. We work with a broad mindset to connect interesting companies to our ongoing projects. When there is a win-win mentality in terms of sustainability, design and business there is a great future ahead of us.

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